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An RPG game set in Warsaw

11 bit studios Posted:
Mon, Oct 9, 2023



Thauma – θαύμα – the ancient Greek word for a supernatural event

Thaumaturge – θαυματουργός – the ancient Greek word for the one who performs supernatural events

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you”

Friedrich Nietzsche

The art of the thaumaturge involves peering deep into the human soul. While this might sound elegant, even Wiktor Szulski, our main protagonist in the upcoming RPG developed by Fool’s Theory and published by 11 bit studios, occasionally has to get his hands dirty. During Steam Next Fest, running from Oct. 9 through 16, players can experience The Thaumaturge for themselves in an all-new demo, which offers a prologue introducing them to the beginning of Wiktor’s story.

After a lengthy time away, Wiktor returns to a Warsaw that feels familiar, yet he is also discovering how much has changed during his absence. The year is 1905, and the city thrives with culture but is also plagued by crime and the conflicting interests of a multicultural society. For Salutors, demons that feed on human flaws and can only be controlled by Thaumaturges, street thugs are no match, just like others who resort to violence to make their point. However, the gift they bestow upon their master—or perhaps a curse, depending on one’s perspective—extends beyond mere combat.

Ordinary people struggle to comprehend that the boundary separating good from evil is hazy and elusive. Some might firmly believe their despicable deeds are the work of inner demons, but what they may never know is if those demons were manipulated by a thaumaturge bending their will to some other far-reaching plans.

The Thaumaturge
Gameplay Trailer


The Thaumaturge possesses an arsenal of extraordinary power, and with experience, can further refine both his own abilities and those of his Salutors. Nevertheless, he must always be mindful that the boundary between thaumaturgy and insanity can be ambiguous.