Frostpunk 2 coming
on September 20th

Also available in Game Pass

11 bit studios Posted:
Wed, Mar 6, 2024



Hope rises significantly as 11 bit studios, creators of the iconic This War of Mine, unveil the release date for their most anticipated game to date, Frostpunk 2. This fully-fledged sequel to the original society survival game is set to arrive on Windows PC on September 20th and is available for pre-order today. The Digital Deluxe edition—also available for pre-order today—offers access to a seven-day beta in April, that consists of part of the game’s sandbox mode.

Diving even deeper into the post-apocalyptic abyss, Frostpunk 2 builds upon the foundations that made its predecessor a triumph. It thrusts players into a world of unyielding realities and complex social dilemmas within an ever-expanding city. With a broader scope and expansion in every aspect of the gameplay mechanics, Frostpunk 2 escalates the tension as you steer the City and its inhabitants into an uncertain future.

Much of that tension comes from introducing different factions within the City walls vying for allegiance among its citizens. Will you bend your decisions to the survivalist nature of the Icebloods, advocates of adaptation over development? Or will you side with the methodical Technocrats, champions of technological progress? Perhaps, you might even side with one of the more radicalized groups you’ll meet in-game. It’s up to you – the City’s Steward.

Both the Frostpunk 2 base game (44.99 USD / 44.99 EUR / 37.99 GBP) and the Digital Deluxe edition (74.99 USD / 74.99 EUR / 62.99 GBP) are available for pre-order today on Steam and the Microsoft Store. Additionally, the Digital Deluxe edition on Steam will be discounted by 10 percent.

The Digital Deluxe edition of the game includes:

* Base game

* Seven-day beta access to part of the Sandbox mode in April

* Three paid post-release DLCs

* Exclusive access to the story mode 72 hours before the official release

* “Warm Flesh” digital novella, an enticing excerpt from the upcoming Frostpunk book anthology

* Digital artbook & soundtrack

Mark your calendars for Frostpunk 2 as it arrives on Windows PC and through PC Games Pass on the 20th of September. Launching on consoles at a later date, the game will also be coming to Xbox Game Pass.

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