A New Creature Saver
Game from 11 bit studios

Coming to PC and Xbox in 2024

11 bit studios Posted:
Wed, Mar 6, 2024



11 bit studios is excited to announce Creatures of Ava, the latest title from the 11 bit publishing division. Co-developed by Spanish studios Inverge and Chibig, Creatures of Ava is an action-adventure game where players tame creatures to save their world from a life-consuming infection. Creatures of Ava will be released in 2024, initially available on Xbox Series X|S and Windows 11 PC, and also with Xbox Game Pass for console and PC Game Pass.

Creatures of Ava is a unique creature saver game that invites you to explore a world teeming with wild beings. These once peaceful creatures now succumb to an unknown infection, compelling them to behave aggressively. Once healed, they form a unique bond that allows you to use their skills for traversing the planet and solving environmental challenges. With non-aggressive combat mechanics designed for healing rather than defeating, and indigenous Flute melodies that you play to tame creatures, the game further emphasizes the creature saver nature of the experience.

Your hero is Vic, a 22-year-old adventurer navigating an immersive expedition alongside researcher, Tabitha. Together, you confront the recurring infection—referred to as “the withering” by the local population known as the Naam—threatening Ava’s inhabitants. The gameplay encourages curiosity-driven exploration of its distinct ecosystems, such as the colorful Nari jungle or mysterious Mâruba swamp, creating an interconnected world.

The game’s narrative, co-created by renowned writer Rhianna Pratchett, is a journey of wonder, mystery, and discovery. Once you understand the true meaning of the infection, you’ll be challenged to step out of the human-centric point of view and learn about the real toll it takes to preserve the primal beauty at the very roots of Ava.

Creatures of Ava will be coming to Xbox Series X|S and Windows 11 PC in 2024. The game will be available on PC Games Pass and Xbox Game Pass for console upon its release.

Creatures of Ava
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